Ubiquiti AirCube AC

12,990 Vt

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airCUBE – airMAX Home Wi-Fi Access Point

With a compact design and integrated 24V PoE passthrough, the airCube™ is a home Wi-Fi access point.

Super Antenna
Innovative Super Antenna provides wide-area coverage beyond regular Wi-Fi access points.
24V PoE Passthrough
The airCube can be powered by and provide power to an airMAX CPE using 24V PoE.
Sleek Design
The airCube’s attractive design means it can be positioned anywhere in the room, improving Wi-Fi performance.
Frequency 2.4GHz
Dimensions 87.80 x 89.50 x 89.25 mm
Interfaces (4) Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Operating Temperature -10 to 50° C
Max. TX Power 22 dBm
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