EXTRALINK Power Supply with Battery Charger 12V/13.8V 155W

7,990 Vt

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Extralink buffer power supply – ensures continuous operation

The buffer power supply unit is an electrical device that converts 230 V mains voltage to DC voltage. Its specificity lies in the fact that we can connect an external battery to it, from which energy will be drawn in case of a 230 V power outage, so as to ensure the continuity of the receiving device.

More efficient cooling of the device

The perforated metal casing facilitates airflow, which results in more efficient cooling of the unit. The screw terminals are marked accordingly and are used to connect the cable entries in accordance with electrical principles. The installer can adjust the output voltage in a given range with a potentiometer.


Features / filters
Output type of supply Screw terminals
Output voltage 12V13,8V,
Power supply > 100W

Basic technical parameters
Output voltage CH1 13.8 V
Output voltage CH2 13.3 V
Output current CH1 10.5 A
Output current CH2 0.5 A
Output voltage range CH1:12~14.5 V
Mains voltage 88~264 V AC 47~63Hz; 124~370 V DC
Input current 2.5 A/115 V AC 1.5 A/230 V AC
Overload protection CH1:105 ~ 135%
Type of AC protection: cut-off when critical value is exceeded, automatic resumption after return to normal operation.
UPS circuit: internal fuse
Overvoltage protection CH1:15.87~18.63 V
Min. battery voltage 10V±0.8 V
Working temp. -10℃~60℃
Humidity 20~90% RH
Storage conditions -20℃~85℃,10~95% Y/Y
Dimensions 199 x 110 x 50 mm (D x S x W)
Weight 0.88 kg
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