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Panels is mounted on the wall and in 19″ telecommunication cabinets, racks and frames.

Numerical markings are put on the ports at the front of the panel. At the back of the panel contacts contain colour and numerical markings. There are areas for additional marking.

Patch panels differ in the number of ports, category and mounting technique.

By the number of ports, 12-, 24- and 48-port patch panels are most widely spread;

By the standards, category 5e and 6 patch panels are mostly used.

Horizontal distribution or equipment termination on long-distance communication;
Interactive termination on merger point;
Multi-user communication jack in working area.


Apply to install standard 19″ equipment bracket, case and wall mounted tow rack;
Various information modules provide more choice for cabling system operation;
Universal sequence-T568A and T568B color sequence labeled on modules clearly;
The design of other information modules goes beyond expected grade demand;
Label and embedded icons are convenient to label and manage;
Single-cord and multi-line pair impact tools are available.


Meet TIA/EIA-568-A and TIA/EIA-568-B Category 5E requirements;
Meet TIA/EIA TSB-40;
Meet ISO/IEC Generic Cabling Standard 11801;
Meet CENELEC Generic Cabling Standard EN50173.


Current Rating : 1.5 A
Insulation Resistance : 500 MΩ
DC Resistance : 0.1 Ω MAX
Contact Resistance : 20 mΩ
Voltage : 150 V MAX
Insertion Life : ≥ 1000 Mating Cycles
Plug Retention Force : 89N
Temperature : -60~80°C
Humidity : 10%-90% RH
IDC Accept : 22-26 AWG Solid Wire
Wire Scheme : T568A/B
Panel : Cold rolled steel(thickness1.5mm)
Back Bar : Cold rolled steel(thickness1.5mm)
Housing : ABS
Spring Wire : Phosphor Bronze With Gold-plated 3u -50 u”
IDC Contact : Phosphor Bronze with tinned
IDC Holder : High Impact PC

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