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This Cyberpower Powerboard is designed for use with your home theatre and IT equipment thanks to its surge supressing functionality. The powerboard helps to prevent damage caused by power irregularity while also reducing frequency interference by filtering EMI and RFI noise. It comes with 8 AC outlets plus 2 USB 2.4A ports so you’ll be able to power appliances and recharge your USB charging devices simultaneously.
  • This powerboard comes with 8 outlets plus 2 USB quick charging ports.
  • It’s designed for use with sensitive equipment such as computers, TVs, modems, stereos and more.
  • The surge suppressor functionality helps to provide a consistent power supply to prevent damage which can occur from power surges.
  • It has an automatic shutdown functionality which will automatically switch off power when an overload is detected.
  • This powerboard uses MOV technology, allowing a normal current to pass through but diverting surges or spikes.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation stabilises the AC signal to maintain and control high and low voltage without having to use the battery, lessening the likelihood of data loss, memory freezes and system crashes.
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